Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh the shame...

Well, I did it. I can't believe that I did it, but I did. And!!! what makes it worse is that I am admitting it for the whole world to see, right here on my blog.

I keep waiting any minute for there to be a knock on my door and for the fashion police to come busting in. I've been having nightmares about Joan & Melissa Rivers pointing their botox injected fingers at me and saying, "that's the one...she did it, take her in and take her kids from her too!"

Are you ready?

I pegged my kids pants yesterday. Go ahead, suck in your breath at the utter shock of this moment. But, at least, give me the opportunity to explain myself.

We were at St. James Park and the girls were wearing these new cotton pants. (By the way, Children's Place Outlet had them for like a dollar) and they wanted to play in the sand pit but they just kept tripping over their pants. So I called them over and tried to role them up but they just wouldn't stay people! I had to think fast...our afternoon was starting to go down hill...something had to be done. Suddenly an 80 something flashback hit me like a ton of bricks...I could peg their pants and just keep rolling them up that way. That should work, I'll try it and it did. It was like a ray of sunshine came down upon us and I started to hear music and it was beautiful and, and, and...

oh, it was just the royal marching band coming through the park. Oh, well, I lived my moment and thought the fashion gods were on my side.

Please keep it to yourself though, I don't want to damage the girls physique.

Peace Out


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Interesting Oddities...

Other Guy and I were laying in bed a couple nights ago, just about to fall asleep when FLASH!

Again, FLASH! The light was lighting up our whole room.

Other Guy, "Did you see that?"

Me, "Yes, what is that?"

Other Guy, "Not sure...I'll look."

He gets out of bed and looks out of the blinds. Now, keep in mind that our windows open up to a courtyard type of area. Our building is like a a square with the center cut out of it, and there is that courtyard. Well, because of that, you can see straight into other windows and vice verse.

Other Guy, laughing, gets back into bed.

Me, "What was it?"

Other Guy, "You won't believe's two girls taking pics of each other is lingerie."

Me, "Well, then...goodnight!"

Fast forward to the next day, the girls and I are walking through the park and we see a man walking his dog. The dog decides he has to pee and lifts himself into this yoga type position. It was so funny, I laughed out loud. Instead of lifting a leg or squatting, like most dogs. He balances himself on one leg and the lift the other leg straight out forward. It's hard to describe but it was hilarious!

Only in London, I guess.

The girls and I went to the Aquarium yesterday and had lots of fun. I met a nice lady in line who was there with her grandson, Leo. She offered to use her two for one coupon with me and so what should have cost us 24 pounds (48 US dollars) only cost us 15 pounds because that was all she would take! Then we went through the aquarium together and the kids enjoyed having another child around. They really miss their friends.

Anyway, off to the park this morning.

Peace Out!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Hot, Hungry & Homesick...

What is it about the word "Diet" that suddenly makes you hungry? Experts say to use the phrase "lifestyle change" but come on, let's be honest here...It's a diet, people! Other Guy and I have started a new lifestyle change today. It was recommended to me by my physician and it really seems to make sense. However, for the first time since arriving here, I woke up hungry. It was almost as if my body was quivering with fear. With this program, you essentially become a vegetarian for the first 6 weeks. (I bet you're laughing out loud right now, especially you Natasha!) The good news is you can eat whatever green veggies you want and as much of it as you want. You can also eat lots of fruits. All of this I am really excited about it but like I said, just the word diet makes me hungry. Most mornings, I forget to eat breakfast and then like an Aha moment, I eat something quickly before heading out. Today was different, like I said, I woke up hungry :0)

Yesterday was filled with stuff! We went to church and that was an experience in itself. The service lasted for 2 hours! And to think we give Tim grief if he goes over...that's a normal service for them. The music was cool and the preaching was okay. I am very spoiled at Grace by Tim & Ben and it's hard not to compare everybody else to them. The kiddo situation was different. You register your kids and then take them into Praise and Worship with you. After a few songs, they flash a message for kids to go to class and then you take your kids. The only problem is that you miss some of the music. Because they are so large and they meet in a theatre, the kids program is more like herding cats than children's church. The girls did say they sang some songs, but they did not know any of them. I'm just happy we have a place to go for the weeks we are here. Here is a picture of the worship, they were singing one of my favorite songs, Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone:

After church, we came 'home' to change and have a bite to eat. Then we were off to a park. Somebody at Other Guy's work told him about a cool place to take the girls. A petting zoo of sorts, similar to Deanna Rose for those of you who live in KC. Well we took 2 trains and walked a million miles to get there and found that they were having an Islamic Festival. Not quite our bag, but we went in any way. The girls enjoyed the play area and Daddy let them ride an amusement ride and then we were on our way home. (Speaking of the Islamic Festival, I'd love to talk to Karen or Tass about that...I have some questions.) Needless to say, I felt very under dressed being in my double tank top and shorts. Some of the women looked at me with a curled up lip but others just returned my smile. I was moved by a recent sermon I heard...Tass (Ben's dad) preached at our church recently and said, "Do not be intimidated, they only wanted to be loved.) I made sure I smiled and made personal contact with anybody I could but it made me wonder if I have ever made somebody feel that way when I am not the minority? Things that make you go hummmmmm!

Like the title says, I am a little homesick today. I'm not sure what it is but it's there none the less. Hopefully it will fade because it's a little early to be homesick, especially with 7 weeks to go. Other Guy and I are working on planning a trip to Paris...I'm pretty excited. It is sometimes surreal to think of little ole me being in a foreign country. I'm just a back woods country girl who never saw herself getting off of Jones Road, much less out of the country.

Well, gotta go...the girls are fighting. I guess the heat is getting to them too. Love you all.

Peace Out


Sunday, July 27, 2008

A bunch of dead guys...

Yesterday was a packed day. We started out the morning at Westminster Abbey. That was AMAZING. I found myself in awe of the architecture. I can not fathom how people hundreds of years ago were able to create this stuff. It is beautiful. The girls did really well. The just rode around in their stroller, completely unaware of where they were or the significance it held.

I will say that all the names start to confuse you a little. What is it with the British? (No offense Alex!) They just keep naming their kids after moms, dads, grandparents, parents...Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II, Mary I, Mary II...who are they really??? George Foreman??? Come up with some original names people!!!

For some reason, it really disturbed me to know that Charles Darwin is buried there. I mean really, the man who claimed we "evolved" from apes. Did he really deserve to be buried in a church? In that church, no less? Oh well, I guess you could say, who's laughing now? I'm sorry, I guess that is a little harsh...the heat is getting to me.

After the abbey, we hopped a couple of tubes and went to Little Venice. Here in London, they have "walks." You pay a guy five pounds and then he takes you on a tour of an area and shows you things and tells you it's history. Although it was a long walk, it was really fascinating. Before yesterday, I didn't even know there was a place called Little Venice in London. Our guide was a really neat guy too.

Then we went back to St. James Park and sat down to watch a brass concert and eat ice cream. We were shortly kicked out of our seats because you have to "rent" thank you, I'll just sit in the grass.

Well, I gotta run...we are headed off to church. There is a Hillsong church here and let me say, I am very, very excited. Music has always been a strong connection for me. I love listening to my Praise and Worship music and not having a car, I miss being able to sing my heart out to God. Did I mention how excited I am?

Peace Out...I'll update photos later.


Friday, July 25, 2008

So, let's fill you in on the last couple of days...

Yesterday, the girls and I got to spend the day with some friends from our church...Yes ladies and gents, Grace church has come to London. Okay, well maybe not the ENTIRE church but you have to admit it's pretty cool to know somebody here!

Our friends, Kevin & Suzanne and their kids, are here on a European vacation that started here in London. We enjoyed some museums together whilst Other Guy was working. The girls LOVED IT! It was so nice to have extra hands and have adult conversation. I just love them. They are also Curly's Sunday School Teachers so she immediately wanted to know if one of her best friends was with them. I don't think she fully grasps the distance thing.

Any hoo! I'll share some pics with them in a later post, maybe this evening.

Couple of funny stories...

Let me start by saying that I love our worship minister back home. He is like a brother to me and his wife is one of my nearest, dearest friends. That being said, I constantly harass him about odd things, like his choice of shoes. He likes to wear those shoes that make him look like he is still in middle school or maybe just a skater dude (which, to my knowledge, he is not!) Anyway, I think they are called Converse. Anyway, when we were on the plane, Curly sees a cartoon drawing of a guy that is about two inches big and says, "Look Daddy, it's Mr. Ben!" The cartoon figure was wearing a pair of those shoes ;0)

Today, we spent the majority of the afternoon at St. James Park. They usually feed the pelicans that are there but of course, not today. Oh well, we will try again next week. The girls did get to feed a couple of squirrels. A nice man gave them some peanuts to feed them and they came up and took them right out of their hands. Then they sat on their back legs and cracked them open and came back for more. It was really neat.

One other thing before I close. Upon arriving here I laid eyes upon one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. Needless to say, I am shocked as I type this that I am admitting this for all the world to read. I haven't even told Other Guy yet. I have fallen in love with a new love of my life. My heart skips a beat at the mere sight of this lovely creature. I am lost without him and think of him often. I think Other Guy is onto me though, the private eye he hired caught this picture of me and my new love...enjoy.

Peace Out!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quick note.

Here are a few pics of our trip so far...I'll post some more later. We are off to Princess Diana's Memorial Park. It's cooler outside than inside ;0) Pray for me as I venture out on the tube with the girls by myself.

Peace Out!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 1:

Well not complain but here you go...

First off, the so called "full size" washer and dryer is CRAP! It's not a separate unit at all. It's this rinky dinky one use washer dryer combo. It is so small that last night I did a "load" of clothes and all that would fit was one outfit from each girl...did I mention that they are children and their clothes are small! And then to top it off, it takes 3 hours and 15 minutes to wash and dry.

Secondly (and this is a BIG ONE!) - there is NO AIR CONDITIONING!!! Yes people read it again and share my pain...THERE IS NO AIR CONDITIONING! Jolly ole chaps did provide us with a fan (two more should be coming) and hey we are able to crack the windows about 4-6 inches. Now, the high here for this time of year is only 71 but guess what...we are in a heat wave (of course we are!) and the high here is 82! Amazingly, Brian's job knew nothing about this soooooo...I'll try to look at the bright side, maybe I'll sweat the weight off while I'm here!

Enough complaining now - I just had to get it off my chest. There you have it, I can't change it so I'll try to work through it. I'll pull myself up by my boot straps and carry on.

Other Guy is at work today. I'm amazed that he is able to function. I was so tired this morning. Moe slept until 11 and Curly slept until I woke her up at NOON! They both woke up in the middle of the night fighting over covers, confused about where they were and Moe was hungry at 4:30 AM, yes I said AM!

We are hoping to get to the park today..I think it might be cooler outside than inside. It is pretty neat to hear the bells though. I'm not sure if it is from Big Ben or West Minster Abbey but either way, it's really neat.

Peace Out!


Monday, July 21, 2008


Do you remember that part in Shrek 2 where they are traveling to far, far away? I love that scene where donkey (the child) keeps asking "are we there yet?" Shrek keeps answering no and then says yes only for Donkey to reply, "really?" I love it when Shrek says, "Donkey, really the kingdom of far, far away!!" At this point Shrek becomes frustrated and yells "ARE WE THERE YET?" and Fiona lovingly says yes.

Well, the answer to the girls questions finally is YES! The King's are in jolly ole London. Our trip over went really well. With the exception of security check points, everything was quick and painless. Checkpoints were interesting because you have to remove computers, cameras, dvd players, video games, shoes, watches, fold up the stroller and so on and so forth. As you can imagine doing that with 3...oops I mean 2 children is tricky! The body cavity search was a little frightening but hey whatever you have to do for the FIRM...right??!! (Yes MOM...I'm kidding!)

Unfortunately, the airline this time wasn't quite as posh, but it was nice nonetheless. None of us slept very much, though we did try. We all fell asleep this afternoon in the apartment watching The Wizard of Oz (thank you Daneen!). I kept joking with the girls today saying, "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore!"

After our short nap, we ate a little something (Other Guy had me pack some food...good idea!) and headed out on the town. Today was perfect weather...the skies were clear and the air was cool so we decided to go ahead and ride the London Eye. The world's 2nd largest Ferris wheel. I must admit I chuckled a little thinking of my dear friends Ben & Addie riding this...they have an intense fear of heights...poor things. Anyway, last time Other Guy and I were here the weather was never quite right to justify the price so today we took the opportunity before us.

Other Guy and the girls came back to the apartment and I set out to the great unknown to find a grocery store. I was shocked and utterly appalled that there are no Super Walmarts or Super Targets...seriously, what is a girl to do. Also, probably not a good idea to go at the end of the workday. People looked at me as though I had some foreign object coming out of my forehead when the saw the full basket in my hands and the side-by-side stroller loaded down with things....CRAZY YANK!

Now the girls are in bed, I'm writing this and Other Guy is playing Zelda on the is good.

I will leave you with two funny stories...and then I'm headed to bed!

Curly turns around in the flight from KC to Chicago and says "Oh no! Mom, did you show the lady how to work the spinning poop machine?" I quickly moved closer to her, surely I had misheard her...let's try that again...same reply. "Honey, what are you talking about?" "You know, Mom, the machine to clean up after the dogs know they are going to be mad and do it so that lady will need to know how to clean it up!" What can I say, the mind of a 5 year old! "Yes, honey, don't you worry about it, Mommy took care of it!"

Next we are playing chase in the Chicago airport. I wanted to run off some energy before we boarded the 9 hr flight. Moe walks up to her daddy and asks for something to drink. Other Guy tells her to wait until we get on the plane as they have started to board. "Ahhhh...but I'm just so stinkin tired!" How do you reply to that? We laughed our heads off.

Well, I'll post pics tomorrow. I'm tired and my mind can't handle anything to techno tonight.

Peace Out, ya'll

PS to all my friends who helped cook, babysit, clean, whatever...know that you are loved!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ramblings of a crazy woman...

okay, today has been pretty crazy and it's only 8:40 in the morning! My family and I have made the decision to go to London for 8 wks for Other Guy's job. Needless to say, there is a lot that will go into being away from home that long. Combine that with family coming in town, Curly's 5th birthday and just life in makes things pretty crazy.

I woke up this morning instantly feeling overwhelmed. The control-freak in me wants everything in line, in order, packed, perfect and wonderful. Let's just say it's not that way...YET!

After working out (yep, that's a whole other topic that we'll discuss later!), I got showered, put on the war paint and came downstairs for my bible study. I wanted to share with you what God hand delivered to me today! It is soooooooo cool! I am working on a book for the Women of Faith company called Managing your moods. I know, you men out there are saying OH BROTHA! But stay with me...

Today's lesson was entitled Scattered, My spirit is overwhelmed within me; my heart within me is distressed." Psalm 143:4 Pretty cool so far, right!

Here is an excerpt from the book: "Sometimes, I can be pretty scatterbrained, but when it comes right down to it, I don't like things scattered. I don't like my house scattered with clutter...I prefer to have all my ducks in a row - organized, neat, tidy and predictable." Does this sound like me or WHAT!?

Then I read in Psalms 102:1-2 Hear my prayer, O Lord; let my cry for help come to you. Do not hide your face from me when I am in distress. Turn your ear to me; when I call, answer me quickly. I just love that...David in all his "Davidness", a man after God's own heart, cried out to his God, my God, OUR GOD! He even asked that God would answer him quickly.

This week has all been compounded by weight gain, excessive weight gain (even though I am working out!), depression, not feeling pretty, not feeling like enough, FEAR, FEAR, FEAR...I'm sure you get the picture. But even David cried out in anguish! His emotions were scattered all over the place and he just poured himself out and asked that God pick up the pieces and to please do it quickly! (See guys, even men are scatter brained with emotions!)

So as a precious songs says, I am going to arise and be comforted, for the Lord, he is good to the weary. And even the young heart can tire and fall but he knows them all! For the Lord, he will renew their strength and they will soar on wings as eagles. They will run and NEVER grow weary. They will walk and not grow faint. For the Lord, he IS GOOD. Lift your eyes to the heavens for the creator is living in you! Come surrender as you are and know that you never strayed too far let his power within you heal your heart. And lift your eyes to spacious skies, let 'em chart your way to fly, spread your wings and fly...for the Lord, he is GOOD!

Peace Out!