Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Interesting Oddities...

Other Guy and I were laying in bed a couple nights ago, just about to fall asleep when FLASH!

Again, FLASH! The light was lighting up our whole room.

Other Guy, "Did you see that?"

Me, "Yes, what is that?"

Other Guy, "Not sure...I'll look."

He gets out of bed and looks out of the blinds. Now, keep in mind that our windows open up to a courtyard type of area. Our building is like a a square with the center cut out of it, and there is that courtyard. Well, because of that, you can see straight into other windows and vice verse.

Other Guy, laughing, gets back into bed.

Me, "What was it?"

Other Guy, "You won't believe's two girls taking pics of each other is lingerie."

Me, "Well, then...goodnight!"

Fast forward to the next day, the girls and I are walking through the park and we see a man walking his dog. The dog decides he has to pee and lifts himself into this yoga type position. It was so funny, I laughed out loud. Instead of lifting a leg or squatting, like most dogs. He balances himself on one leg and the lift the other leg straight out forward. It's hard to describe but it was hilarious!

Only in London, I guess.

The girls and I went to the Aquarium yesterday and had lots of fun. I met a nice lady in line who was there with her grandson, Leo. She offered to use her two for one coupon with me and so what should have cost us 24 pounds (48 US dollars) only cost us 15 pounds because that was all she would take! Then we went through the aquarium together and the kids enjoyed having another child around. They really miss their friends.

Anyway, off to the park this morning.

Peace Out!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there...I would have loved to have seen the dog...too funny. How did you and the girls like the aquarium? How nice of the lady to share her two for one coupon with you. We miss you guys. Sorry you are having to deal with the heat; hopefully, it will cool off. Take care and know you are all "4" loved. Mom and Pops

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Tracie said...

I finally got to your blog and I enjoyed reading about all the stuff you all are doing. Tell Curly that I missed her in class on Sunday. Give them both a squeeze from me and Mr. Brad.
Enjoy your time, I know it will fly by and you all will be back home with us soon.
I really am jealous of your new love as well.

8:09 PM  
Blogger Rebekah said...

Where's the camera when you need it?? I would've loved to see the dog!!! The courtyard story is classic. Hmm? Do you think the destination is a boyfriend or a dating website? he.
That was so incredibly nice of the lady at the aquarium! I'm glad the girls had someone to play with for a while. How nice. Miss ya, girl!

7:31 AM  
Blogger Daneen said...

and their friends are missing them as well!! Madison asked me yesterday if we could have a playdate with Curly, MoeMoe and Miss Marie. Oh how I wish, my sweet girl!

7:53 AM  

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