Thursday, January 08, 2009

REALLY?!? with Marie King

There is a skit done on SNL's Weekend Update titled Really and it's pretty's one of the first thing I thought about when I saw something on the news last night. So here goes...

REALLY??!!!!, REALLY???!!!

The porn industry, yes ladies and gents, I said the PORN INDUSTRY has officially asked the US Government for a FIVE BILLION DOLLAR BAIL OUT!

I'm sorry did I fall asleep and wake up on some whacked out island where the world is totally going to pot? REALLY???!!! REALLY???!!

Mr. Flynt, and I use the word MR very loosely, what are you thinking, REALLY!!!????

Oh, I'm sorry, what was that, "with the economy being so bad apparently the last thing on people's mind is sex!" REALLY, REALLY!!!??? Oh poor baby!

And that's a problem WHY??? My hope is that your industry would crumble along with the mansion that it has put you in. I hope we rise up as a nation and say NO MORE..REALLY!!!!

I hope your company (& others like it) totally go belly up with no hope of ever making a come back...REALLY!!!!

And to our good ole U S of A government, you will have reached an all time low if you even consider giving these scum bags one cent of tax payers money...REALLY!!!!

Peace Out!


Blogger Rob the Blog Ninja said...

I love those skits. Basically the only reason I watch even part of SNL anymore.

P.S. if your going to be talking about porn on your blog you should have some sort of adult advisory

just kidding ;)

5:51 AM  

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