Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And a child shall lead them...

Backdrop - Moe & Pediatrician at 4 year check up.

Pediatrician - draws a "t" and asks Moe, "do you know what letter this is?"

Moe: "mmm, yep."

Pediatrician: "What's the letter?"

Moe: "it's not a letter, it's a cross."

Pediatrician: "Oh, okay, you are right but what letter is it?"

Moe: "it's a cross.."

Pediatrician: "what letter does it look like?"

Moe: feeling un-heard, "It's a CROSS...Jesus died on it for MY SINS and YOUR SINS!"

Pediatrician: "Umm, okay, sweetie but what letter is it?"

Moe: Rolls her eyes, "if you turn it sideways, it's an "x" but that is a cross, okay?"

Well, alrighty then...Mommy wasn't sure whether to laugh at her child being cute or cry at her child's ability to witness to a doctor. Don't try to tell her where she can and can't preach her faith!

Happy Birthday sweet girl, you will do amazing things for our Lord and Savior.

Peace Out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing.........what else can I say? Grandma

5:47 PM  
Anonymous オテモヤン said...

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4:31 AM  
Blogger Jimmy said...

I like your writing need to start back up. Sister

10:52 AM  

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