Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yes...but at what cost?!

These were very profound words that were said to me months ago at a GNO by a dear friend of mine who never has any trouble calling me out...EVER!  It's a characteristic that I love about her and that night as she sat there listening to stories of motherhood and friendships that have come and gone she said those words to me that have kinda stuck.  Not so much in that exact situation but just in life in general.  Yes (MARIE) but at what cost?!  I get all your reasonings behind why you want to do it, why you feel you need to do it, why it may be the right thing to do, or why you just have to...but AT WHAT COST?!

This statement crawled out of my sub-conscience and slapped me upside the head as I read an old blog today too.  The author's name is Jen Hatmaker and she makes a statement that could go hand in hand with this.  The title is "When is it Time to Walk Away?"  There are some very powerful gems in this blog.  One's that I will write down and post on my mirror for the next few days, weeks, months...whatever it takes to make some tough decisions.  I want to share them with you and encourage you to check out her blog too!  She states "You can’t pour antidote into a vat of poison forever and expect it to transform into something safe, something healthy."  She goes on to say "Not every battle has a winner; sometimes it is all losers, carnage everywhere...often the bravest thing we can do is stop fighting for something that will never, ever be well."  I absolutely love that last part, "the bravest thing we can do" talk about speaking to the absolute core of my being!  And one of the things that stuck like glue was this..."And here is the key: we can pour an endless amount of energy into the chasm, and it will never matter."  This is where I feel like I am...pouring endless energy into a chasm that will never, ever matter.

So now what...that's where my very intelligent friend's words come in to  It's a lot to ponder and ultimately I have to decide what I'm willing to pay.

Just some food for thought.

Peace Out!