Saturday, October 27, 2007

I've been tagged!

Well, I almost dropped the ball on this one but my friend Daneen tagged me so here is my response.

Where were you 10, 20, 30, 40+ years ago?

  • 10 years ago - I was the big 21...which was no big deal to me considering that I don't drink, never have, never will. Unbeknownst to me, I was weeks away from being proposed to by Other Guy. I'm sure that on this exact weekend, I was either on my way to Tallahassee or patiently awaiting his arrival!
  • 20 years ago - I was 11! A very goofy looking 11, I might add but hey I thought I had it going on and that is all that matters! I was a big time 6th grader and was part of the very first Middle School Pilot in Jacksonville where 6th grade was added to 7th and 8th to be called Middle School and 9th grade was added to High School. No more Junior High! I was into big hair, Bon Jovi and eating mustard! (If you know the story, I hope tears are streaming down your face right now, if you don't, don't ask cuz I ain't tellin!)
  • 30 years ago - I was 1 (and a few months!) Oh, I was a beautiful baby...if you like chunky monkey's! Dude, I had so many rolls, I looked like the Michelin Man's illegitimate child! My mom will tell you I was an absolute joy to her life, that is of course after I slip her $20!
  • 40 years ago - I was still chillin with God - He was still working on the perfect mold and trying to decide to whom he was going to grace with my presence!

Peace Out!

Just to bring a smile...

In the past week (or so) I had something pretty funny happen to me and also had a hilarious story shared with me by a good friend. So, this blog is nothing deep or thought provoking, it's purpose is only to bring a smile to your face and maybe a laugh or two.

Other Guy and I play on our church's co-ed softball team. Now to those who really know me, this has already made you start to snicker but stick with me. I have not played softball since middle school and let's just say that has been a while! However, in an attempt to do something fun together, we signed up. The season is almost over, just a few "rained-out" games to play but the most recent game we played was a double header. We were a few chicks short so I called my good friend Addie, who totally stepped up to the plate and came out to join the festivities! Because we were a few people short, I was asked to play 2nd Base. (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, me...2nd Base...bring it on!) Addie was asked to play catcher so she had a front row seat so what will go down in softball history.

I'll be honest and say that the second game was not going so well. The team was really good and had crazy good male hitters on their team. Any time one of these left handed players stepped up, I was asked to trade with Other Guy and play short stop. (Once again, me...short-stop...bring it!) When this guy stepped up to the plate, I wanted to make sure that he had a full and complete understanding of my greatest fear so I began to converse with him. After all, softball is NOT just a game but a time to socialize with other members of the Christian sports world! So I simply yelled out, "Hey hitter! Let's just try to avoid this general area right here!" While yelling this, I drew an imaginary box around my face.

This caught the batter so off guard that he started laughing and had to step away from the plate right as the pitch is being released...STRIKE! Suddenly, the whole team is laughing and asking me if I have any more one liners, oh the pressure! I will say that it brought me great joy to know that I add something to the team. It might not be amazing batting or super-man like throws but you need a big hitter out, bring out the big guns!

Now, on to my favorite story of the week.

Since moving to Kansas, I have acquired some pretty amazing friends. They each have their own special gift that they bring to my life and I am so honored just to share in theirs.

My friends from VA Tech, let's just call 'em "Clockies" have three boys and I love them all. They are so sweet and funny. Like their parents, they add something very special to my life and I can't help but smile every time I see one of these precious boys. I often refer to them, especially the younger two, as my future son-in-law!

While riding in the car with his mom, middle son starts telling her how he learned about romance. This caught her off guard considering he is only in kindergarten. So, she asked him where he learned about romance and he replied that his Sunday School teacher, Mr. Otte, taught him. This made Clockie laugh considering that Mr. Otte is newly engaged. She continued to ask middle son what all he knew about romance. Frustrated, he told his mom that romance is in the Bible. Mrs. Clockie explained to her son that she knew romance is in the Bible but still had some questions as to how this would apply to a child of six. So, he said, "Mom, it's in the Bible, right after Acts!"

After composing herself mom replied, "You are right, ROMANS is after the book of Acts!"

I'm just happy my potential, future son-in-law already understands the importance of Romance!

Peace Out!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Call me Patriotic...

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for all things patriotic. Even as a small child, I took pride in seeing the American Flag and would get very offended when I saw it touch the ground or on a flag pole in the rain. In high school, I entered our Miss "High School Unnamed" pageant and for my talent section, I wrote a monologue about the American Flag. I know, I know, it was cheesy and I will spare you the video and the pictures of me dressed up as Old Glory! On a side note, a very embarrassing side note, my monologue ended with me saying the pledge. I had a pretty heated debate right before the pageant about how much it irritated me to hear people say I pledge of allegiance instead of I pledge allegiance...well, guess what I said??? You got it! "I pledge of allegiance!" What a goofball!!!

Anyway, when I became a Christian, my freedom in this county took on a whole new meaning. I realized the importance of freedom...that it was so much more than being able to wear what I wanted, say what I meant that I was free to worship our creator in public. I would never be in danger because of doing something I was created to do, worship HIM!

A couple days ago, Curly came home from school and said she had something she wanted to show me. Before I knew what happened, my four year old beauty was reciting the Pledge. Needless to say, I was almost in tears! When did she get so big? How did I miss it?

Anyway, I thought I would share it with all of you as a little reminder to be thankful for the freedom that we share and the flag that stands for that freedom.

Also, to all of those families who have loved ones risking their lives to protect that freedom...Thank you, you have offered us one of the greatest gifts and I know that there will be a special jewel in your crown in heaven for the sacrifice you make everyday!

Peace Out!