Monday, July 28, 2008

Hot, Hungry & Homesick...

What is it about the word "Diet" that suddenly makes you hungry? Experts say to use the phrase "lifestyle change" but come on, let's be honest here...It's a diet, people! Other Guy and I have started a new lifestyle change today. It was recommended to me by my physician and it really seems to make sense. However, for the first time since arriving here, I woke up hungry. It was almost as if my body was quivering with fear. With this program, you essentially become a vegetarian for the first 6 weeks. (I bet you're laughing out loud right now, especially you Natasha!) The good news is you can eat whatever green veggies you want and as much of it as you want. You can also eat lots of fruits. All of this I am really excited about it but like I said, just the word diet makes me hungry. Most mornings, I forget to eat breakfast and then like an Aha moment, I eat something quickly before heading out. Today was different, like I said, I woke up hungry :0)

Yesterday was filled with stuff! We went to church and that was an experience in itself. The service lasted for 2 hours! And to think we give Tim grief if he goes over...that's a normal service for them. The music was cool and the preaching was okay. I am very spoiled at Grace by Tim & Ben and it's hard not to compare everybody else to them. The kiddo situation was different. You register your kids and then take them into Praise and Worship with you. After a few songs, they flash a message for kids to go to class and then you take your kids. The only problem is that you miss some of the music. Because they are so large and they meet in a theatre, the kids program is more like herding cats than children's church. The girls did say they sang some songs, but they did not know any of them. I'm just happy we have a place to go for the weeks we are here. Here is a picture of the worship, they were singing one of my favorite songs, Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone:

After church, we came 'home' to change and have a bite to eat. Then we were off to a park. Somebody at Other Guy's work told him about a cool place to take the girls. A petting zoo of sorts, similar to Deanna Rose for those of you who live in KC. Well we took 2 trains and walked a million miles to get there and found that they were having an Islamic Festival. Not quite our bag, but we went in any way. The girls enjoyed the play area and Daddy let them ride an amusement ride and then we were on our way home. (Speaking of the Islamic Festival, I'd love to talk to Karen or Tass about that...I have some questions.) Needless to say, I felt very under dressed being in my double tank top and shorts. Some of the women looked at me with a curled up lip but others just returned my smile. I was moved by a recent sermon I heard...Tass (Ben's dad) preached at our church recently and said, "Do not be intimidated, they only wanted to be loved.) I made sure I smiled and made personal contact with anybody I could but it made me wonder if I have ever made somebody feel that way when I am not the minority? Things that make you go hummmmmm!

Like the title says, I am a little homesick today. I'm not sure what it is but it's there none the less. Hopefully it will fade because it's a little early to be homesick, especially with 7 weeks to go. Other Guy and I are working on planning a trip to Paris...I'm pretty excited. It is sometimes surreal to think of little ole me being in a foreign country. I'm just a back woods country girl who never saw herself getting off of Jones Road, much less out of the country.

Well, gotta go...the girls are fighting. I guess the heat is getting to them too. Love you all.

Peace Out



Blogger Natasha said...

The sad thing is, that I eat nothing buy fruits and veggies and can't seem to loose weight!! Maybe my body is just used to it!! I am so happy that you, the Other Guy and the girls have this opportunity, but just knowing that you are half a world away makes me miss you that much more!! Wish I had a passport, I would spend my life savings to get to you!!

Love you!

8:30 AM  
Blogger Addie said...

Those poor little hot babies! I know how grumpy I get when we have AC issues! At least you don't have to fight them for bath time.

The worship photo looks pretty cool. Is the theater and operating theater or has it been converted to a full time church.

I'm sorry I forgot to teach you the secret middle eastern handshake before you left. It would have saved you a whole lot of grief at the park yesterday. Next time just say "I bet your glad I didn't wear my tube top today!" That'll make 'em thankful for the tank top. :D

Miss ya girlfriend!

1:25 PM  

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