Thursday, April 24, 2008

What do you do in a restroom, anyway?

Before I tell you of my daily happenings, I remembered something that happened that was pretty funny! On Tuesday, Other Guy and I went into a restaurant to have lunch. After walking all morning, we both had to use the "restroom." I, thanks to reading another blog, knew to ask for the toilet so my response was very clear. Other Guy asked for the restroom and received a strange look. He quickly changed his request to the ask for the toilet or the loo. They directed him. Upon returning, the staff was having a good laugh over it and asked, "what did you call the toilet again?" Other Guy responded, "the restroom." The staff member began laughing and said, "so what do you do in a restroom anyway...take a rest?"

Today was my last day without Other Guy...he is on his way back from Paris as I type. Yipppeeee! Thanks to my friend, Addie, I was lead to a blog of a lady named Jeana. She is in London currently with her four children and her husband. He is here to teach for his company for 7 weeks and they all decided to come along. Well, of course I had to meet her! What are the odds that you come all the way from Kansas to meet a mom from Texas?

We had a really neat day, just chatting about life, kids, London. Her kids were adorable and I loved all the stories of the things they have been able to do while visiting. They were even well versed in the tube/bus maps. What a joy it was to spend time with another American! We did, however, get lost and I think I actually saw the "not so well known" parts of London but it was fine because it kept us out of the rain and hail. It also gave me a lesson on finding bus lines, etc. One of her daughters also told me about a website that gives you the origins of nursery rhymes, most of which originate in England. Go visit here, if you are interested.

Thank you Jeana for your help. I appreciate it and truly enjoyed meeting you.

Upon returning, I decided to have "tea" again in the froo/froo lounge. I had not eaten today with the exception of breakfast. So, I grabbed my book, a diet coke...okay, okay and some treats and enjoyed some quite time in the lounge. Only it wasn't so quite today. There is this guy who has been here since Other Guy arrived. He is ALWAYS in the same cloths...every time we see him. And no, it's not a uniform. Same pants, shirt and tie...they are of a pretty colorful nature so it's easy to tell. I will be honest in saying the guy kinda creeps me out and that is hard for me to admit. I am the person who generally never meets a stranger but today something was just weird.

All of the sudden, he started shouting at the lady who works there. She was in the process of replenishing said treats and he was complaining about the fact that there were no plates. Now the redneck in me didn't notice that fact because hey, there were coffee/tea cup plates and frankly a plate is a plate. It's just a mean to get the food to the table so that I can get it to my mouth. However, this oversight was not lost on him. He was downright horrible to her. And then he went back to pacing like a madman between the computer and the TV.

I could tell that this visibly upset her so I called her over and asked if the gentleman (if you can call him that) was a guest. She said that he is one of the regular guests and stuff of this manner happens all the time. I told her it was uncalled for!

As I left to go up to my room, Blue (as Other Guy calls him) had called a manager in to complain about the timeliness of the plates. That's it...I marched myself down to the front desk, asked for a manager and told him the whole story. I did not want that lovely young lady getting in trouble for something so ridiculous. That guy has got some issues...seriously.

Well, I'm going to get cleaned up and wait for Other Guy. I think we are going to ride the London Eye tonight. I'll let you know more later.

Peace Out.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The rain in Spain, oops I mean London...

I'm sure you can tell by my title that the day started off a little rainy, okay a lot rainy! There was a part of me that thought of staying in and just sleeping but the call of coffee was too great so I decided to start the day.

When I was a little girl, I was a definite people pleaser. I had to excel at everything...if you don't believe me, you can ask my mom! I was a quite child (i know, hard to believe, right!) and I always made the A/B honor roll in school. Right around the time I turned 8, we moved to a place I still like to call God's country...Chattanooga Tennessee! Man, I loved that place. Even as a thirty-something, oops again I mean twenty-nine year old woman, the memories of that place are still fresh in my mind. I sincerely loved it there...that was until I received my first report card. Much to my dismay, you received a letter grade for none other than handwriting. What??? Are you serious??? That was the day it happened, the day I realized that all was not well in the place I loved for I received my very first C. Devastating, I know, I am shedding a tear just thinking of that memory.

So, you are probably asking yourself, what exactly does that have to do with London? Good thing you asked because as always, I have an answer. The way that I felt about handwriting and receiving that dreaded grade is the same way I feel when it comes to reading maps. I am no good at it. No matter how hard I try...I just stink at Geography! Today I set out on a trip to a location that Other Guy wanted me to see.

Breathe, Marie, you can do this! I just kept repeating that to myself over and over. I felt like I needed some type of GPS system with it's own motivational speaker built right into it. "You are an amazing navigator. You can do this! Even Christopher Columbus himself would be proud. You are smart, you are brave, you are talented and gosh darnit people like you, they really, really, like you!"

So maybe that is a little dramatic but it's what I kept telling myself as I braved my way through the streets of London to the main tube stop of Waterloo! I bought my ticket, found my way to the underground station, made my way onto the CORRECT train or tube or whatever it's called and even managed to get off at the right stop! YES I HAVE WON!!!! Take that you evil feeling of navigational inequality! You can not, I repeat CAN NOT hold me back with fear any longer!

I safely made my way back to the hotel after seeing the location Other Guy wanted me to see and even made it back in time for afternoon tea in the Executive Lounge. What is it with this place and their froo/froo lounges. Oh well, can't complain, all the tea, coffee, diet coke, whatever I want to drink and they even had cookies and little biscuits with butter and jam! BRILLIANT!

I was finally able to catch up with the wee ones today...although they fought the entire time we were on line together. The best part is that we have those video cameras so I got to see the whole thing too! Oh well, I miss them and it was so cute that they wanted to give me hugs and shoogies!

Well, this evening I am off to see a show...The Sound of Music. I am very excited as the movie holds a special place in my heart. It is a memory that my sisters and I will always share with our mum! Although as a single parent, she worked two, sometimes three jobs just to support us, she always took off of work the nights that Sound of Music and the Wizard of Oz came on TV. We had a date with our mum on those nights and it was wonderful!

Well, gotta run, more later!

Peace Out!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 2, or is it Day 1?

I have had an interesting 24 hours here in the UK. After arriving last night, Other Guy and I took a quick stroll around the town. Well, maybe not a quick stroll but hey, going the wrong way sometimes has it's benefits. I was able to see the palace (which if you are interested, the Queen IS in as the British Flag was raised!), Big Ben, Parliament, a couple of parks, lots of cars, lots of people on bikes, or make that cycles but much to my dismay, not rats. Sorry Addie ;0) I will admit that by this point I was hungry so we settled in for a nice English dinner at none other than the world famous...Hard Rock Cafe. For those of you rolling your eyes right now, after 24 hours of travel and a long, I mean short stroll around London, I wasn't exactly in the mood to try something new. I wanted good ole comfort food!

Sleeping did not go well for either of us! I was having a rough time with the time difference and when I did actually sleep, Other Guy said I snored so loud that I kept him awake. He is currently on his way to Paris for another meeting. He will return on Thursday so maybe he'll get a couple good nights of rest without the sound of a freight train coming in through the window!!! hee/hee

Today we were off to see the town and I had a chance to truly experience London's travel system. I was quite dismayed by the fact that nothing is the same here. After walking a while and riding a train, I was in the mood for a good cup of coffee. However, all we could find was this hole in the wall coffee house that nobody's ever heard of...I took a picture to give you a good idea of what I'm talking about.

I mean REALLY, what does a Yank have to do to get a cup of coffee around this island?

We also had the opportunity to experience England's famed Fish and Chips. Other Guy uttered that words that would make his Pop proud, "At least we know, Captain D's is doing a good job!" What can I say...that's my man.

A few other things before I sign off, this is the million dollar question...Any guesses as to what the following contraption is and/or what it is used for? I had a good laugh over it. Tell me what you think and then I'll tell you the truth next go 'round.

For those interested, Other Guy and I visited some of the garden's outside of London today. They were quite beautiful, some of the "trees" were very American. Since I missed the tour of "trees" yesterday, there are a couple that Other Guy wants me to see tomorrow. They have more of a true London feel. We'll see how that goes...when we first moved to Kansas, my mum (lol) asked me how I was doing getting around in a new city and my reply was simply that I knew how to get to Target and the bathroom...well, here I know how to get to the bathroom. Let's see how an 'ole redneck makes her way around London by herself. If you hear anything strange on the news, just take up a collection and come bail me out!

I tried to call the girls a few minutes ago, only to realize the time difference a second or two later. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. I do miss them terribly but I know they are in good hands. I just hope it has not been difficult for them. Moe was having a tough time this trip with Daddy being gone and then her Mommy goes and deserts her too! I know, I know, let the guilt go! Okay, okay I can hear all of you now and I'm listening or trying to at least.

Take Care...more later!

Peace Out!


Monday, April 21, 2008


Although I don't believe in Karma, I learned a lesson about it on this trip. In my opinion, she is a bitter little broad!

The past couple of days I have been having quite a bit of fun at Other Guy's expense. I've joked with my peeps about Other Guy being bumped from the posh/posh airlines that his company booked us to travel on. Other Guy needed to be here sooner than originally scheduled therefore he had to travel with all the common folk on good 'ole American Airlines. I snickered and joked about having the hard decisions to make, what meal would I chose, would I take advantage of the bed, what movie would I watch, who would I meet.

Well, like I said, the bitter lil woman reared her ugly head during my solo travel to London. I left my home at 11:30 am CST only to arrive at the airport and find that my flight had been delayed due to high winds in New York. With each delay, the realization hit harder that I was going to miss my posh/posh flight in NY to London. No problem, I called the airlines, there was a later flight that still had room...they would bump me to that flight with no charge to me. As they say here, Brilliant! I'd still be in London in time to have lunch with Other Guy.

As I sat in said posh/posh airline's private lounge, the departure time for said later flight came and went and went and went and went. Even my strong temper had no influence, it only lost me my seat in the posh/posh lounge. Finally at 2:30 EST, we began boarding our flight. Let me just say that I don't care how nice your "private lounge" is with all it's free food and booze, when you don't drink and you're not hungry it really doesn't help ease the pain. Seven and half hours in an airport is seven and half hours in an airport no matter where you are, what food they are serving or whether or not you have a cappuccino machine!

I finally arrived at the hotel in London at 5pm London time (11am CST). Yes, you read that correctly, that is almost 24 hours in travel and in any country that just stinks!

The only redeeming thing was the relieved look on Other Guy's face and the big hug and kiss that followed. Okay, so that made it a little better!

Well, off to bed, off to bed. We have an early morning!

Peace Out!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Off for a spot of tea...

Tomorrow is Sunday and I believe this is my favorite day of the week. I love, not like, LOVE spending the morning at my church. Whether I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off (for those of you wondering, no we do not sacrifice live animals at Grace!) or just being a normal, everyday church go-er, I love Grace Church.

All that to say that I will be starting my day tomorrow as a normal church go-er before I board a plane to join Other Guy on a business trip to London. Yes, ladies and gents, I said London. In the words of my mother, it's a long way from Jones Road. I am so excited that words simply can not describe it. We will be enjoying a week away...touring the sights...catching up with each other...taking care of business, well he will, not me!

The one thing I am a little nervous about is starting the trip on my own. Although most people think I am this incredibly strong female, inside is just a scared lil' chick who's not quite sure about traveling without her man by her side. So please pray for me that all will go well and I will arrive at my hotel safe and sound to join that precious man o mine!

Well, gotta run...the kids are asleep and I want to make sure I have everything packed.

Peace Out (or should I say, Cherio?!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

No sweeter name (or thing)

We are singing a new song at our church that I just love. The title is "No Sweeter Name" and I would fully agree with the lyrics that there is no sweeter name than the name of Jesus. However, I will add to that statement that there is no sweeter thing than to hear your children telling each other about our Lord and Savior.

Case in point...

Location: Me & Other Guy in living room, Curly & Moe in playroom right outside of said living room.


Curly - "Hey Moe Moe, did you know that Jesus feeds people?"

Moe - "Are you serious?"

Curly - "Yes, I learned about it at church!"

Moe - (in full awe of her big sister) "Wow!"

Curly - "Do you want me to tell you the story?"

Moe - no response


Curly - "Jesus took a little boy's lunch and fed five thousand hundred million people" (Okay, so she's a little fuzzy with the math...but stick with me!)

Moe - "Cool!"

Curly - "And do you know what he fed them with?"

Moe - "What...chicken?"

Curly - "No silly head, with bread and fish...(squishing up nose) do we eat fish?"

Moe - "No, that's disgusting!" (oh, if they only knew. We have a salt water tank in our house so fish are friends...not food!)

Curly - "Jesus made people eat bread and fish because they were hungry and so he fed them. He is so AWESOME!"

Moe - "You are right, sister, Jesus is Awesome!"

Now come on, you would have to agree that although the name of Jesus is the sweetest name, "I could have no greater joy than to know that my children live in the truth."

Can a sista' get an amen!?!

Peace Out!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mother of the Year

I can't believe that I have let so much time pass before sitting down and writing this blog. I guess if the truth be told, you and your sister keep me so busy that the blog just doesn't always hold a high priority. The good news though is that you do hold a HUGE priority in my life.

I remember the day you were born. Daddy and I dropped off Curly at her Mother's Day Out school and off to the hospital we went. It seemed to take forever but I guess that's just the way that c-sections go. We played backgammon (sp?) and talked about what our life would be like with two girls. When you are still a new mom, you assume that everything will be the same with the second child as it was with the first.

I should have known better...when they held you up and I saw you for the first time, I just smiled. You were finally here and I knew you would be very different from your sister. You had a head full of hear that was shaped into a mohawk down the center of your head. Although you were a sweet baby, I could see a hint of trouble in your eyes!

You bring such joy to our lives with your stories and your imagination. To be honest, even your temper brings something different to my life. You teach me everyday how to be more patient and loving. There is nothing sweeter than when you climb into my lap and say there words, "I love you mommy, I love you sooooo much!" Be still my beating heart!

So, happy (belated) birthday my sweet lil' Moe. I pray your life is filled with all the joy that you have brought to ours. May God bless you and help you grow into a wonderful woman of God. I can't wait to see the things He has in store for you.

Peace Out!

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