Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And a child shall lead them...

Backdrop - Moe & Pediatrician at 4 year check up.

Pediatrician - draws a "t" and asks Moe, "do you know what letter this is?"

Moe: "mmm, yep."

Pediatrician: "What's the letter?"

Moe: "it's not a letter, it's a cross."

Pediatrician: "Oh, okay, you are right but what letter is it?"

Moe: "it's a cross.."

Pediatrician: "what letter does it look like?"

Moe: feeling un-heard, "It's a CROSS...Jesus died on it for MY SINS and YOUR SINS!"

Pediatrician: "Umm, okay, sweetie but what letter is it?"

Moe: Rolls her eyes, "if you turn it sideways, it's an "x" but that is a cross, okay?"

Well, alrighty then...Mommy wasn't sure whether to laugh at her child being cute or cry at her child's ability to witness to a doctor. Don't try to tell her where she can and can't preach her faith!

Happy Birthday sweet girl, you will do amazing things for our Lord and Savior.

Peace Out!