Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The mother ship has landed...said the husband to his children!

Well, I am so sorry that it has been so long since I last blogged. My most recent one was something I actually typed August 31st but never got around to posting. So, I posted it tonight and I am starting with another.

I have recently returned from my trip to see my SISTER, Natasha. (Yes, the word SISTER is in all caps and bold for a reason, you know who you are!) She is doing amazing. I love the fact that her boyfriend wrote a message on a plaque to her that said, "You have become my strength!"

She is a person that leaves you standing in awe of her and her ability to take this on with such dignity and grace. I was reminded of a song by Casting Crowns that says, "...oh, what I would do to have the kind of strength it takes to stand before a giant with just a sling and a stone. Surrounded by the sounds of a thousand warriors, shaking in their armor, wishing they'd have had the strength to stand." That's how I feel coming back from seeing her. She has stood before the giant of cancer and said, "no sir, not me, not now...I will fight and I will win!" She has had the ability to praise God through all of this and still witness to other people around her when they question her joy and strength in light of such a (excuse my french) crappy situation.

I once heard a man preach on the story of David and Goliath. He asked the question, "Do you find it strange that David picked up three stones? He was following God's command and the Bible even refers to him as a man after God's own heart and yet he still chose three stones! He went into that situation with the faith that God would see him through but the knowledge that it may not happen the first go-round!" Isn't that GREAT!

This weekend our pastor, Tim Howey, reminded us to never give up on ANYBODY. I never gave up on my sister and to see how her life is transformed leaves me speechless. I'm not fit to stand in her shadow and I was humbled to simply be in her presence...even if only for a week.

Please continue to pray for her...as we say in the south, she has a long road to hoe but she'll get there. One prayer at a time and I will be there with her every step of the way, cheering her on. Cracking jokes when she needs to smile, building her up when she feels deflated, poking fun at her when her head's too big but most of all loving her with a love that only sisters can share.

Peace Out!