Friday, February 20, 2009

Watch out Thunderfoot...Moe's comin' for your job, Dude!

Moe celebrates her 4th birthday this week while Mommy & Daddy are on a cruise to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

So, Uncle JJ & Aunt Tata decided to give her birthday gift to her tonight...what can you say but

THANKS!!! (and revenge is painful!)

Enjoy ;0)

Peace Out!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Want to Go to There!!!!

Thanks to my brother-n-law, Jason, I have finally been able to determine my official retirement spot.

Watch CBS Videos Online

All I can say is, I want to go to there (~Liz Lemon, 30Rock)

Peace Out!

Friday, February 06, 2009

I Stand Amazed...

I know it's been a while but a lot has changed in this chick's life over the last few weeks. I recently decided to go back to work. Shocking I know, but it seemed like the right time and a position was available at my church doing the job I've been volunteering to do for over a year now so...I jumped!

I can totally feel God's presence through all of this but that is not to say that there aren't a few adjustments but hey I'll get there.

So back to the blog post...

I'm not sure if you are a Christian or not but I am and I will admit that sometimes I feel totally alone when I am out there in the big, bad world. I take a look around at school mom's/dad's and people in the grocery stores and on the road and I just get a sense of sadness. It's so cliche, but I find myself asking, "What is this world coming to?" Whenever I start to feel that way, it will generally be followed by something amazing to remind me that while the world may "be going to hell in a handbasket" (as the saying goes) God is still in control. He is STILL ON THE THRONE! And let's just be honest here, I know how the story ends...HE WINS! Satan, sorry but GAME OVER!

This week I received two of those blessings. First, for Christmas, Other Guy and some of my closest friend's hubbies went in together and bought us all tickets for the Chris Tomlin concert. We have all been patiently awaiting February 3rd and let's just say it was AMAZING! To take a look around the Sprint Center and see thousands of people with hands raised high, pouring out their heart's in song, crying, laughing...but most importantly WORSHIPPING GOD!!! Can I get a Hallelujah???? I had a great time, I can't even remember the last time I laughed that hard. I loved being with my sista's and their hubbies. I loved looking down the dinner table and seeing the menfolk laugh and share just like we womenfolk were doing at the other end of the table. My favorite part of the night was singing the part in the song Indescribable, "You see the depths of my heart and you love me the same! You are amazing God!" Over and over we sang that line with the beat of the drums getting stronger each time. Oh thank you Father for knowing me, for knowing the depth of my heart and loving me still!!! You truly are amazing God!!!

As if that wasn't enough to set your week on the right path...yesterday, our staff gathered 'round the table in the conference room for breakfast. A lovely member of the congregation made a mac daddy breakfast for us and delivered it! Now people, I'm not talking about dropping off donuts...OH NO! This was the full spread and I will admit that the diet was broken in a very bad way yesterday. (don't worry, it's back on today!)

During the partaking of this glorious food, one of the minister's told our senior pastor that he had a flat tire. Oh no! Tim got up from his chair, took a look out the window and then sat back down. WHAT? No freaking out? (that's what I would have been doing) No rushing out to fix it? (that's what I would have done) No calling somebody to come fix it? (that's what I would have done if I couldn't fix it) He simply sat back down and finished his breakfast. Oh, okay I get it...finish eating the freak out, fix it, call somebody...

Once again, no go. When I questioned him, he simply stated that he would not let that interfere with his study time and prayer time. He said (and I am paraphrasing here) "I have to make a daily choice to protect the things that mean the most to me. Otherwise, there will always be something to take me away from what is important. The car will be there at the end of the day, the flat tire will be there...I will just borrow some body's car to have lunch with my daughter and fix it later!"

Seriously, did I just hear that correctly!? I had to fight my own desire to go out there and fix it myself because that's who I am, that's what I do! Boy howdy, what does that say about me? I simply told him that he had amazing will power and then we went about our day.

Oh Lord, give me not only that will power but that desire to always put you first! To never allow outside things take away your attention, your praise, your time!

Well, that's it...for now.

Peace Out!