Friday, March 21, 2008

Long time, no post!

I know, I's been a while but I do have a good excuse. Life has been a little crazy for our household over the past month. We have had some good news, some not so good news but it all seems to be leveling out now. I'll try to give you a condensed version.

  • My grandfather passed away. While this was very, very sad, especially for my mom - in a way it was a blessing. My grandfather had a pretty severe accident in his 20's and has never been the same since. He fell on a construction site without a hard hard and lost about 1/3 of his brain. He was cared for by his mom and then my mom. He was a wonderful man who was often misunderstood. He was very smart but sometimes had the temper tantrums of a 4 year old. This left my mom and some members of the medical community with black eyes and broken bones. The good news is that he had already made a decision of faith long before his accident. I know that he is in Heaven and I look forward to the day he will greet me there. A side note on this is that my mom stayed cigarette free through all of it...GOD YOU ARE AWESOME!

  • My friend finally got a baby. You can check out her blog for more info. I am planning on having a dinner for all the people that bid on my auction. Hopefully, I can get the Kelsey's here too. I had somebody give $50 anonymously...that was really cool!

  • Moe turned THREE! I can not believe that she is growing up so quickly. I have a special post for her so I won't spend too much time on that. However, I will say that she began potty training the day before her birthday and it doing great. No accidents, sleeping through naps and the night. To all my jealous friends out there, you know who you are...that's right baby, potty trained by 3!!!

  • Other Guy and I got away, just the two of us, to California! We had such a great time. Thanks to the in-laws for taking such good care of the kids, the dogs, the fish, the are truly a blessing.

  • We saw Buble in concert - the ultimate crooner totally rocked! We went with our friends Ben and Addie. Unfortunately, I didn't know about their SEVERE fear of heights. Poor Ben watched the concert from the comfort of the hallway...I think he was able to get some texting and work done :0(

Well, I think that will do for now. I promise to be back soon!

Peace Out!