Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The rain in Spain, oops I mean London...

I'm sure you can tell by my title that the day started off a little rainy, okay a lot rainy! There was a part of me that thought of staying in and just sleeping but the call of coffee was too great so I decided to start the day.

When I was a little girl, I was a definite people pleaser. I had to excel at everything...if you don't believe me, you can ask my mom! I was a quite child (i know, hard to believe, right!) and I always made the A/B honor roll in school. Right around the time I turned 8, we moved to a place I still like to call God's country...Chattanooga Tennessee! Man, I loved that place. Even as a thirty-something, oops again I mean twenty-nine year old woman, the memories of that place are still fresh in my mind. I sincerely loved it there...that was until I received my first report card. Much to my dismay, you received a letter grade for none other than handwriting. What??? Are you serious??? That was the day it happened, the day I realized that all was not well in the place I loved for I received my very first C. Devastating, I know, I am shedding a tear just thinking of that memory.

So, you are probably asking yourself, what exactly does that have to do with London? Good thing you asked because as always, I have an answer. The way that I felt about handwriting and receiving that dreaded grade is the same way I feel when it comes to reading maps. I am no good at it. No matter how hard I try...I just stink at Geography! Today I set out on a trip to a location that Other Guy wanted me to see.

Breathe, Marie, you can do this! I just kept repeating that to myself over and over. I felt like I needed some type of GPS system with it's own motivational speaker built right into it. "You are an amazing navigator. You can do this! Even Christopher Columbus himself would be proud. You are smart, you are brave, you are talented and gosh darnit people like you, they really, really, like you!"

So maybe that is a little dramatic but it's what I kept telling myself as I braved my way through the streets of London to the main tube stop of Waterloo! I bought my ticket, found my way to the underground station, made my way onto the CORRECT train or tube or whatever it's called and even managed to get off at the right stop! YES I HAVE WON!!!! Take that you evil feeling of navigational inequality! You can not, I repeat CAN NOT hold me back with fear any longer!

I safely made my way back to the hotel after seeing the location Other Guy wanted me to see and even made it back in time for afternoon tea in the Executive Lounge. What is it with this place and their froo/froo lounges. Oh well, can't complain, all the tea, coffee, diet coke, whatever I want to drink and they even had cookies and little biscuits with butter and jam! BRILLIANT!

I was finally able to catch up with the wee ones today...although they fought the entire time we were on line together. The best part is that we have those video cameras so I got to see the whole thing too! Oh well, I miss them and it was so cute that they wanted to give me hugs and shoogies!

Well, this evening I am off to see a show...The Sound of Music. I am very excited as the movie holds a special place in my heart. It is a memory that my sisters and I will always share with our mum! Although as a single parent, she worked two, sometimes three jobs just to support us, she always took off of work the nights that Sound of Music and the Wizard of Oz came on TV. We had a date with our mum on those nights and it was wonderful!

Well, gotta run, more later!

Peace Out!



Anonymous Alex said...

I emailed Brian with her number again. I asked Brian for your number there so she can call you.
Now, for the actual comments on your trip. You are in ENGLAND now, cookies = biscuits, biscuits = scones.
Also, are you being overwhelmed by the St George's day celebrations today???? What a proud nation we are, count the flags.
Finally, I am SUPER impressed that you are being so brave and seeing so much, the call of the dry safe hotel room would have been too great for me.

8:40 AM  
Blogger Michele said...

Ok - so what is this "mum" business? You have been there for all of, what, 24 hours and already saying "mum"?

Enjoy your trip!!!

12:06 PM  

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