Monday, April 21, 2008


Although I don't believe in Karma, I learned a lesson about it on this trip. In my opinion, she is a bitter little broad!

The past couple of days I have been having quite a bit of fun at Other Guy's expense. I've joked with my peeps about Other Guy being bumped from the posh/posh airlines that his company booked us to travel on. Other Guy needed to be here sooner than originally scheduled therefore he had to travel with all the common folk on good 'ole American Airlines. I snickered and joked about having the hard decisions to make, what meal would I chose, would I take advantage of the bed, what movie would I watch, who would I meet.

Well, like I said, the bitter lil woman reared her ugly head during my solo travel to London. I left my home at 11:30 am CST only to arrive at the airport and find that my flight had been delayed due to high winds in New York. With each delay, the realization hit harder that I was going to miss my posh/posh flight in NY to London. No problem, I called the airlines, there was a later flight that still had room...they would bump me to that flight with no charge to me. As they say here, Brilliant! I'd still be in London in time to have lunch with Other Guy.

As I sat in said posh/posh airline's private lounge, the departure time for said later flight came and went and went and went and went. Even my strong temper had no influence, it only lost me my seat in the posh/posh lounge. Finally at 2:30 EST, we began boarding our flight. Let me just say that I don't care how nice your "private lounge" is with all it's free food and booze, when you don't drink and you're not hungry it really doesn't help ease the pain. Seven and half hours in an airport is seven and half hours in an airport no matter where you are, what food they are serving or whether or not you have a cappuccino machine!

I finally arrived at the hotel in London at 5pm London time (11am CST). Yes, you read that correctly, that is almost 24 hours in travel and in any country that just stinks!

The only redeeming thing was the relieved look on Other Guy's face and the big hug and kiss that followed. Okay, so that made it a little better!

Well, off to bed, off to bed. We have an early morning!

Peace Out!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got kicked out of the posh/posh private lounge? AAAHHHH! (Tears - Tears are flowing!) I would have given almost anything to have been there for that! OOOHHHH-HHHEEEE!!! Q: How can you tell a redneck in a posh/posh airline? A: She's the one being escorted (barefoot)out of the posh/posh lounge! Way to go Sassafras! From one redneck to another - I gotcha back!
Have a blast and don't get too attached to London!

Love you both!

6:23 PM  
Blogger Rebekah said...

Those lounges are over-rated...or so I'm told.
Have fun!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Bummer. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the trip! Later!

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pops and I are just thankful that you made it there safe and sound! Have fun! Know that the girls are in good hands! We are doing fine!

Love from two older by the minute grandparents!

Mumsy & Popsy Curly & Moe

8:06 PM  

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