Thursday, January 31, 2008


It seems strange to be posting at 12:32am. Normally, I am sacked out with drool coming out of my mouth and the sounds of a freight train coming out of my nose!

Other Guy is out of town on business. It is his last night away but I just can't sleep. I miss him when he is gone. He has not had such a good trip this time. The airline lost his luggage...he is sick with a cold...he got a migraine and his meds were in the suitcase! Sadly, every time we speak, I can hear it in his voice that there is no place else he would rather be than home with his girls. While it pains me to hear that, it also brings me great joy. You see, we will be married 9 years this month and there is still no place on earth he would rather be than with me and that is just fine with me.

Peace Out!


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