Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Oh my stars, it has been too long my blogger friends, too long. I am happy to report that I am with computer again. Praise God from whom all technology flows, praise Him all Bloggers here below, okay, I'll stop...I'm just really excited!

So much has happened in the last couple of months. Babies, weddings, friends, families, you name it.

I will give you a brief synopsis (I know honey...that's a big word and you are so proud of me, very FUNNY!)

First and foremost, my sister got married to the most perfect man (for her of course!) I don't know that you could look at the two of them and their relationship and not know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God ordained this relationship. They are perfect for each other and to see them say their vows to one another, I truly saw LOVE. It was beautiful.

As I think back on the ceremony, I was reminded of a song from a long time ago. It's a country song but I'll share the lyrics with you and some pics.

He never had given much thought to dancin', but she gave a lot of thought to being asked. Well, he'd never been good and comin' right on out and askin' and she'd never been given the chance. But something moved him across that ole dance floor when fear was holding fast and to his surprise, the words came at last. And she said yes to his half hearted request and they held on for dear life until the last song played. No they won't let go, it's beyond their control. They lit a flame with the match God had made, when she said yes. From that night on the fire was burning and they sure did shine in it's light. And he knew as long as this ole world kept turning, he wanted her by his side. So with a ring and a nervous smile, he said the sweetest words that she'd ever heard. And she said yes, to his WHOLE hearted request and they'll hold on for dear life til the last star fades. No they won't let go, it's beyond their control. They lit a flame with the match God had made when she said yes!

They went on their honeymoon, an Alaskan cruise, and had a great time. That was followed up by a full hysterectomy and more recovery time. But God is still amazing and still in control, you see because God put the two of them together and they will make it through all of this too!

My friends Missy and Eric welcomed their first child, Emma Nicole and although it was followed by some scary moments and a week in the hospital, all is well now and Emma is doing great! I can't wait to meet her! (sorry, I would share pics but I didn't ask the parents sorry :0( but still wanted to share the great news)

I got to see my mom and my step dad and my sisters and their children. We had an amazing Mother's Day lunch and it felt as though time had melted away and we were all young again, laughing and sharing stories.

We went to Disney and Seaworld and let's just say that Curly and Moe may never recover. They are still walking around the house singing, "Shamu, Shamu!" and asking when we can go to the beach! It's hard to teach geography to a toddler and explain that there are no beaches in the Midwest!

Oh well, I guess I should sign off for now, but I promise more later.

Peace Out!

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Blogger Addie said...

Is it true? Are you really back? Be still my heart! ;-)

Even though I already knew all of this info., it was nice to hear again. And Natasha was a GORGEOUS Bride!!!!! Beautiful wedding!

6:17 PM  
Blogger Daneen said...

once again a similarity for us... it's good to be back, isn't it my friend?!
Loved the pix. Can't wait to meet Natasha for real - seems I know her already.

7:24 PM  

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