Friday, October 27, 2006

Babysitter's Club...

Okay, so I try not to climb up on the soapbox often but this is a time when I need to. So, that being said, I apologize for taking a moment to vent!

What is up with Babysitters? When I was a teenager, I loved babysitting. That is how I earned extra money for myself. I had a steady babysitter for almost a year but in August she when away to college. Now I must say that before this moment I was all for higher education but come on did that HAVE to include my sitter? Couldn't she just be happy babysitting my kids every now and again? That should be enough to sustain anybody through life...who needs college. ha/ha

Now I am on the lookout for another babysitter. Somebody who can be a regular because Curly and Moe do better with consistency. Due to Moe having some previous breathing issues, I really don't want a young teenager because I have to have somebody who is responsible enough to know when something calls for an extra breathing treatment or 911. Let's face it, there is a difference...can I get an AMEN!

My problem, however, is that I cannot get anybody to call me back! I've started reaching out to people in my church and community, no return phone calls. Okay, be honest, do I have a reputation for being to overbearing that I don't know about or something? I really am a nice person; just ask me, I'll tell you!

All I want is a date night with my husband, not every week just every now and again. Is that too much to ask? I will say that due to circumstances, I am counting down the days until Grandma and Papa move here. That's right ladies and gents, free babysitting with somebody that my kids actually enjoy spending time with. The way I look at it, we are doing the grandparents a favor. Hey, maybe they should pay us...there's an idea. (Once again, only joking!)

Where for art thou, oh great house buyer in North Carolina...
How I long to hear thine sweet words of sold.

Well, I better go for now, the shower calls. You know how that is for mom's of young children. Hey wait a minute, the kids are generally okay when I take a shower and they are left to their own creativity for entertainment so they would be fine for say a couple more hours. They are old enough to watch themselves, right???


Peace Out!


Blogger Addie said...

"Okay, be honest, do I have a reputation for being to overbearing that I don't know about or something?"

Be Honest? Oh, it's just so tempting, but I think I'll bite my tongue. I just value our friendship to much.

Date? What is this 'date' of which you speak? ;-)

2:31 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Ok...check the events section of and look on the lower right hand side of the page. There's a picture of a baby crying and "Need a Night Out?" The middle schoolers are watching kids from 6-9pm on 11/17/06. Just enough time for a quick dinner with friends.

Oh, and I'm sure Addie and I could watch your kids. However, I'm surprised she didn't offer above.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Other Guy's Brother said...

We would love to watch your kids for you. What's an 8 hour car trip for a night out? Heck, we would even keep them for a day or two... Maybe you could put them on a quick plane ride. We could pick 'em up in Indy.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got my bags packed and I'm on my way....I will be so happy when we can let you know that the job application is filled for "free" babysitting. We will work for free; but will draw the line at paying you for the opportunity...LOL.

I can't wait to be able to call and say those wonderful words.."SOLD." Hang on Curly and Moe...Grandma and Papa will be there soon. Not in two weeks, but soon.

love you all..gma

8:59 AM  
Anonymous tracie said...

Can I please repay you for watching my "puppy" several times by letting us watch the kids. I am sure hubby would love to have some girl time. The last time we watched a friend's daughter she was held practically the entire time by hubby. I need some girl time as well.

10:32 PM  

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