Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Grown up Christmas List...

Do you remember me? I sat upon your knee
I wrote to you with childhood fantasies.

Well, I'm all grown up now, and still need help somehow
I'm not a child but my heart can still dream

So, here's my lifelong wish, my grown up Christmas list
not for myself, but for a world in need...

This song brings up so many emotions for me...so here it is...My grown up Christmas list.

  1. I want those people in my family and those closest to me to truly find Christ this year. Not simply know about him but really seek him and find him waiting with open arms. I want them to find a church home that will welcome them just as they are and erase their ideas about "religion."

  2. I want my family to be healthy this year. I want a year free of surgeries and headaches. I want Other Guy to be able to enjoy sports again and playing with our girls and not having to pay the consequences of doing something he loves. I want Moe's year filled with deep breaths full of oxygen. I want Curly to flourish and always have her sense of humor.

  3. I want my friend to finally welcome a son into her home. I want that person out there, whoever she may be, to answer God's calling and chose life over abortion and allow that baby to grow healthy in her womb so that they can welcome him into a home of love.

  4. I want my mom have success in being able to quit smoking. D-day for her is December 15th and with the help of a new medication and lots and lots of prayer, I believe she WILL SUCCEED!

  5. I want my friends who are struggling with some of life's biggest questions (you know who you are!) to finally find peace. To find the answers when the seek out our creator. I want them to find the other side and be able to look back on these times with gratefulness at the lessons they will learn through all of the stuff the are going through.

  6. Finally, I want my sister to remain cancer free...plain and simple. I would like her to have a year without worries of tests, treatments or surgeries.

So, there you have it! What's your list this year? I'd love to hear it!

Peace Out!


Blogger Daneen said...

Now I'm crying... supposed to be walking out the door to my staff party but I'm a mess. YOu are such a dear friend. Thank you for your prayers and your wish list for us. I love you and can't wait to reconnect over my break. d

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wish is for you to find a friend in your life that is as wonderful as you are. Because, the truth is I fail so miserably.

Merry Christmas Marie!

May Gods grace be upon you, His peace fill you and the passion with which He loves you lift you to places higher than you've ever dreamed of!

Know that you are so loved by me!


1:54 PM  

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