Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Blog Rule?

Have you ever heard the rule about never go grocery shopping when you're hungry? If you were to take that rule, write it down on paper, do some cool origami trick turning it into a cup and pour water into it, I honestly believe it would hold. Basically, I believe there is a lot of truth to this rule. Equally important, don't ever grocery shop with your kids...I guarantee you spend more money than when you do it without them. Somewhere between the cookie aisle and the cereal aisle, you lose all control and will be tempted to buy 10 bags of powdered sugar doughnuts just to keep them quiet (& possibly feed your stress=food addiction!)

Well, I think there should be blog rules too. For instance, every time something trying happens in my life, I am immediately tempted to blog about it. Right or wrong, it gets my opinion out there for the world to see. But blogs, as other things in life, can be very dangerous. There have been times when I have argued with a friend or my husband or a family member has made a comment or SUGGESTION that just completely rubbed me the wrong way. During those moments, I want to open my computer and type furiously about the offense in some cyber attempt at getting somebody to agree with me or at least hear me out without having to listen to their reasoning or opinions. Pretty selfish, right?

Thank goodness I serve a God who is powerful enough and caring enough to shut my big mouth because in all reality things that bother me one minute don't seem to big a few minutes later. God is AWESOME.

So, I guess in everything, moderation...moderation...moderation. So, all in favor of a new blog rule of never blogging while angry signify by raising your right hand or just right click...all opposed, same sign ;0)

Peace Out!


Anonymous kp said...

GIRL!!!! I'll give you an AMEN.

See, now this is why I never blog anymore......just kidding....kind of.

But seriously. You are so right about thinking twice before blogging in the heat of the moment. I wish I could say I've always followed that rule, but there have been times I've vented for the world to see.....and oh how you wish you could take it all back.

2:10 PM  

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