Friday, January 04, 2008

Seriously, did I miss something?

I can not believe that it is already 2008. Where did 2007 go? I feel as though I just woke up from some type of freaky dream and I some how lost a year of my life. My girls seem taller and older, my house seems different, I feel different. Am I alone here?

I was recently listening to a Carrie Underwood song and I just love the lyrics...there's some things that I regret, some words I wish had gone unsaid, some starts that had some bitter endings. Been some bad times I've been through, damage I could not undo, some things I wish I could do all all over again...But it don't make no difference, when life gets that much harder, it makes you that much stronger...some pages turned, some bridges burned but there were lessons learned.

Can I get an AMEN SISTA! When I look back on 2007, even the crappy times (excuse my language) I don't know that I would change any of it because I did learn things. I like looking back and seeing the valleys that God allowed me to go through so that I would be stronger, better, some how changed on the other side.

Now let's be honest here, I would love to tell you that I am thinner than I was in 2007 or that I in some way made some grand addition to society but the truth is, I'm still the same person. My only hope is that my friends and family, heck, even strangers were touched in some small way by something I did or said. At the end of the day, that's what matters to me. I want to know that I brought a smile to a face...somewhere, anywhere...maybe even to our Creator's face!

Well, gotta run...I'll post Christmas pictures soon. I'm just happy that for the first time in three years we were NOT, I repeat NOT at the hospital. God is AWESOME!

Peace Out!


Blogger Daneen said...

You brought lots of smiles to my face, my friend. And I am quite certain to our Lord's face, too. Love you! d

3:14 PM  

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