Monday, September 10, 2007

How to age...gracefully!

I'm not exactly sure why but Curly has suddenly become obsessed with age. Now before you freak out and panic...let me explain. She hasn't become a psychopath that you'll see on Dr. Phil next week defending her 99+ plastic surgeries to help her keep her girlish 3 year old look. I mean really, I understand that turning 4 is really a big deal but appearance wise, we are still safe! Whewwww, now that I have that cleared up, let me continue.

Curly has lots of questions about who is older and how we get older. Just last week she asked Grandma why her Daddy had such an "old" mom. To this, Other Guy's mom replied that she wasn't always that old. She continued to try to explain how aging works. Papa even chimed in and explained that one day she would be 5, then 10 and then 20, 30 and one day 70. To this Curly laughed and with much assurance told her Papa that 70 wasn't real! Everybody had a good laugh and the subject was dropped...or so we thought.

Yesterday at church, Curly's Sunday School teachers went around the room at prayer time and asked the children if they had any prayer requests. (Let me say first of all that I love her Sunday School teachers. They are the nicest couple with a real heart for children and a strong desire to teach them about the love of Christ. They graduate each year with this particular group of kids so now they are the 4 year old teachers. Other Guy and I play softball with them too!) Anyway, Curly raises her hand and says she would like to pray for her Grandma. Now keep in mind that Grandma goes to church with us, so this couple knows Grandma. Mrs. Sunday School teacher becomes concerned and asks if Grandma is sick. Curly just shakes her head and replies, "No, she's just getting old!" To this, Mr. Sunday School teacher loses it and starts laughing but quickly gains control of himself when he realizes just how serious this issue is to Curly. After a few other requests, prayer time continues and they pray for Curly's Grandma, that she might age gracefully.

So, there you have it...the key to aging gracefully is Prayer, plain and simple!

Peace Out!


Anonymous Casi said...

Well first I have to say: It's about time you updated! Now, ofcourse Curly's obsession with getting old is just proof that she and I are related! What's worse is that all of a sudden I am paranoid to be around her! What if she notices all my crows feet and frown lines(which you know I have). What if I grow ugly when I grow old? What if she notices that I've grown ugly? What if she doesn't let me come to her wedding because she's embarassed of my wrinkles and gravitational sagginess? Maybe she should suggest to Mr. and Mrs. Sunday School Teacher to pray not only for Grandma to age gracefully but that her Mom's anal-retentive, self-absorbed,ever so vain, bipolar best friend find a GREAT plastic surgeon in the KC area.
Botox, anyone?

2:38 PM  
Blogger Rebekah said...

Wow. Can she add some other names to that list?

7:07 AM  
Blogger Addie said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Addie said...

Bwah - ha - ha!!! 70 is not real! hee, hee, hee! I'm sorry Grandma it's just a little funny!

Now let's all have a moment of silence and pray for those precious little ones that are so helpfully shoving us quickly into this aging process! ;-)

8:09 AM  

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