Friday, December 29, 2006

I think the Fat Guy in the Red Suit misread my letter...

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope your Christmas was absolutely magical but most importantly I hope it was Christ centered. Now for mine...

The whole thing got a little tipsy and the only thing I can credit it to is that somehow Santa got things a little mixed up! Maybe I should start by showing you the original letter that I sent to him:

Dear Santa:

I know it probably seems a little strange getting a letter from a thirty, I mean 29 year old but I figured what the heck. As they say, ask and you shall receive. Outside of the normal things that any mother wants for Christmas, you know world peace, reversal of global warming, a flat stomach...well, there are some specific things I'd like this year. I've outlined them in bulletpoint fashion to make sure we are on the same page.

    • Healthy children. Not anything crazy, just healthy in general. I can handle the every now and again snotty nose but that's about it. Let's just cancel out the rest this year, deal?
    • A good night's rest. I don't need to wake up looking like Faith Hill or anything but I would like to wake up without the dark circles under my eyes and while you're at it can you do something about that lazy eye that plaques me when I'm tired. My husband thanks you too.
    • A clean house. Don't feel obligated to send Martha Stewart herself but maybe her understudy. Just somebody that can make me feel like I have a grip on my obsession with cleanliness and organization.
    • A nice Sunday at church. You know one of those weeks where the music is AWESOME! Tim preaches on something that really gets you pumped up and you walk out of there feeling like you are on top of the world and can't wait to tell somebody about it.

I think that just about covers it, Santa. I know you are busy but hey so am I and that never stops anybody's expectations of me so just do what you can.



Well, let's just say it didn't happen EXACTLY that way. For starters, I started Christmas morning at the local Children's hospital with Moe...ANOTHER EAR INFECTION! That just sent everything down hill. Not the "healthy children" gift I asked for which lead to the next gift of a good night's rest being thrown out the window which ultimately lead to a not so clean house because who wants to clean after not sleeping and did I mention that I haven't been to church in a couple of weeks! Yes, I said weeks! Now, I've been but with Moe in my lap to keep her out of the cesspool of germs sometimes referred to as nursery! (No offense to the people who diligently take care of our nursery and our's not you, it's just my child and I appreciate you more than you know!) So, you can imagine that even if St. Peter himself was leading worship (no offense Ben!) and one of the great disciples was preachin, I still didn't get much out of it between the "No, honey don't touch that! Moe, sit still! Yes, that's Daddy on stage! Yes, honey that is a basketball hoop!" that I didn't get much out of it!

All that being said, I think I will return to the more reliable source of prayer next time than a letter to Santa. You can't fault a girl for trying!

On a serious note, please be in prayer for our family this week as Moe will have tubes put in her ears on Wednesday.

Peace Out!


Blogger Ben said...

Man you guys have been through the ringer! No offense taken on the worship comment. :)

By the are my hero! That lunch you did for our team the other day was INCREDIBLE! You are an awesome servant of the Lord and are surely gifted in the area of hospitality. Thank you soooo much for serving us on Christmas eve. You guys are a great blessing to Grace and my fam.

Praying the crud comes to a close for y'all.


9:57 PM  

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