Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hi there, great wild world of bloggers! Well, here I am with my first Blog. Thank you my friend Addie for getting me started. Hopefully, I will live up to all the wonderful examples I have with your Life with Little Women.

I am still really new to this so since I haven't quite figured out how to post pictures on the sidebar yet, I'll post them here. My title lovingly refers to my family. I have two daughters, Curly & Moe and then the "other guy" is the "love of my life guy" to whom I am married.

Okay, so it may seem strange to start out on a soapbox for my first blog but here goes. I want to tell you all a story of a wonderful, courageous woman who has beaten breast cancer and may be once again facing the battle of her life! That woman is my sister, Natasha, whom I love and admire more than she will ever know. She is a new Christian and it fills my heart with praise and my eyes with tears to think of the amazing transition she has made in the last year. So, back to my Soap Box....Please, please, please, all of you out there who think you are too young to worry about Breast Cancer, think again! It is never too early to start self examinations. That is how Natasha found hers and Praise God that she did!

This is her with my daughter, Moe, at her birthday party!
During one of her routine mammograms (you have a lot of those after beating breast cancer), they found something that we are praying is just a calcium deposit. She is due to have it removed on the 23rd of this month so I ask that you be in prayer for her. She is such a trooper and has actually begun praying more for her family than for herself. She says that we are having more of a rough time with it than she is. It is so AWESOME to know that God is giving her such a peace about the situation. A friend of mine in Kentucky, wrote to me and lovingly reminded me that God is bigger than breast cancer and if it is His will that it be nothing, that is what will happen. But should it be cancer again, God will see her through this and use it in an amazing way to help her witness to somebody else. I am excited to see how God is working in her life, it encourages me, it helps me to strive to be a better Christian but most of all, it strengthens my faith in a God that has it all in His Hands!
Well Peace Out for now...


Blogger Addie said...

"But should it be cancer again, God will see her through this and use it in an amazing way to help her witness to somebody else."

I LOVED what your friend in Kentucky said! And it looks as if she's already right. With your sister praying for family through this, and you sharing her story and testimony. God is already using this for his glory. Great first post Marie! I'm so glad you've jumped into blogging!

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Tracie said...

Way to go homie! You first post is wonderful. The Soap Box is appropriate for all women out there. I have even considered having a mammogram done this year. I know God will come through one way or another just as your friend said. He loves your sister so much and He WILL take care of her. After doing a Jennifer Rothchild study, Walking By Faith, I received this tidbit. We all focus on the end result of our prayers that we miss the journey God is taking us on to get to that end result. This sounds strange but enjoy the journey that God has set before you both. It will lead to amazing things.

9:45 PM  

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